Chemical Overhaul

Chemical Overhaul


Chemical Overhaul is a complete overhauling process and thorough washing of your Air conditioner by dismantling all the removable parts and wash them individually. This is the best option when you Air conditioner has not been serviced for a long time.

The purpose of Chemical overhaul and Chemical wash is similar, but unlike the process in Chemical cleaning where the Air conditioner Fan coil unit is chemical washed in its mounted position and some parts are unreachable to clean, the Chemical overhaul involves dismantling of the Air conditioner and several parts inside the unit and take them down to clean all the parts with chemical.Although it’s time consuming,it is the most efficient in terms of performance.

If your Aircon performance is severely affected and not sure about which service is better for you, then we are happy to help you in assessing your Air conditioner performance and recommend you the best service.

Refer to our job scope and price for our Chemical wash service.


job scope

  • Clean Front Panels and Air filters with chemical
  • Dismantle the Aircon unit,take down and wash the evaporator coil with chemical followed by clean water wash
  • Use the chemical to clean blower wheel
  • Vacuum the condensate drain pipe
  • Check all the electrical coneections functioning
  • Check the refrigerant level and top up if necessary
  • Check and rectify anyother malfunctions in the system

**Job scope mentioned above may not be limited, as we don't want to write unnecessary lengthy list for each and every work we do to make sure your Air conditioner run smooth. But this excludes any spare parts and charges that fall under different service category.


Chemical Overhaul (1 FCU)$150 ;
Chemical Overhaul (2 FCU)$260;
Chemical Overhaul (3 FCU )$360;