General Service

General Service


A simple cleaning is all what you need to keep your Air conditioner running smooth. Typically General servicing or General cleaning is the most basic thing that needs to be done on regular basis for at least every 3-4 months once.

As It doesn’t require any professional skills, someone with basic knowledge on Air conditioner is able to clean the filters by themselves. While the cleaning of filters is important and easy to do, but there are some other tasks which are the most important that will ensure the efficiency of you Air conditioner like cleaning of evaporator coil and the clogged condensate drain pipe. So if you don’t know how to clean all those and try to carry out the task, you may end up damaging the coils. That’s why it is always good idea to go for professional service to avoid unnecessary risk.

At Hock Seong Engineering, we take your task and act for you. We perform all the necessary steps in cleaning your Air conditioner with standard operating procedures. Below is the list of job scope for our General Servicing.


job scope

  • Cleaning of external front covers and panel
  • Cleaning Aircon filters
  • Cleaning the blower wheel
  • Cleaning evaporator coil
  • Vacuum the condensate drain pipe
  • Check the operation condition, electrical connections & remote controller
  • Check compressor suction,if required


General Servicing (1 FCU)$40;
General Servicing (2 FCU)$65;

General Servicing (3 FCU / 4 FCU)

$80 / $95;

Annual Service Package(Quarterly Service)

$182 ^(For System 2 / 2FCU) ;

$224 ^(For System 3 / 3FCU);

^Annual Price


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