energy saving campaign


It's great to see you here, we appreciate your time and solicit your support towards saving energy. See how we can work together to reduce the environmental impact of our energy use.

how does saving energy help the environment?

Reduce the overall carbon footprint​
Protect the Air and prevent climate change
All forms of electricity generation have an environmental impact on our air, water and land, but it varies.Although it may not be obvious, there’s a direct connection between your energy use and the environment. When you consume less power, you reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants, conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems from destruction.
Reduce the overall carbon footprint​
As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce, they will become extremely expensive
When you opt to cut back on energy use, you also help conserve limited natural resources that would otherwise be used to power the power plants. Less demand for energy creates less demand for harvesting fossil fuels. Turn up your Air conditioner to 25"c or turning off the lights at night can save trees, coal, natural gas and more. From an economic standpoint, it’s critical to conserve our finite resources.
As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce, they will become extremely expensive
Small steps can become great leaps
Save ecosystems and animals
In addition to impacting climate patterns and depleting stores of natural resources, excessive energy use can harm animals and ecosystems. Mining, logging and material extraction associated with the provision of fossil fuels destroys habitats on land and in the ocean.
Small steps can become great leaps
By taking steps to reduce your energy intake, you’ll contribute to a healthier and happier world.​
consume less, conserve more
Reducing electricity use in your home and office can benefit the environment, conserve resources and save lives
By taking steps to reduce your energy intake, you’ll contribute to a healthier and happier world.​
how can you support us to help the environment?

All you have to do is simply subscribe to our Annual contract package for maintenance & servicing of your office Air conditioners. For each corporate customer making Annual contract with us,we set aside 5% of the contract package amount that we receive from you every year till the contracts ends.This composite amount from all the customers goes directly to Non profit organizations,environmental agencies who work for the environmental challenges and other initiatives to stop the climate change.

Regular and scheduled maintenance of your Air conditioner not only saves your electricity bills but also helps the environment by saving energy. So your spending has a meaningful value and marks your indirect contribution to the environment. Save your money while saving the earth.

Rest assured, it doesn’t affect your agreed quotation or invoice amount and we won’t overcharge you this 5% to compensate our loss. It will entirely be borne by us on your behalf. More importantly, our charges are also the most competitive on average market price and subject to your approval of our quotation. So it’s your choice to make decision.

What’s more, on top of the 5% from the customers contracts,we add another 1% of total profit gained from our other business services by the end of each Financial year.

you force an impact

  • To instill social&environmental responsibility in the SME's
  • Promote eco consciousness across the business industries
  • Encourage responsible energy spending
  • Lead the cohesion of business communities towards giving back to earth
  • Be a part to prevent climate change
You will get recognized for your eco consciousness

Every quarter we will publish a list of our corporate customers who made their first step with our Annual contract package.

This will be put out on our website and also through updates on our social communication channels.

So your efforts in promoting conserve energy will reach wider audience. You not only inspire us to do more but also encourage others join us too.

For year 2020, we aim to achieve $50,000 funds target by customer contracts & other business engagements. We solicit your support for this, every customer counts and does every cent.


what else do you get?
  • Enjoy Competitive pricing, special promotions and priority support
  • Single point of contact for all your Air conditioner & Electrical services
  • Extend the life of your Air conditioner with regular maintenance
  • More savings on Electricity bills

If you are interested in our services and would like to support our initiative, you can request us for quotation by emailing to

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